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Mobile internet usage surpassed desktop for the first time in history at the end of 2016, so it's more important than ever that your website looks good on both phone and computer.

ArchezX - Web Design Price Calculator

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Prices that scale for you

Prices that scale to both your project size and your budget. All projects will receive a free custom quote before any work starts. Prices can vary greatly depending on your project size.

ArchezX - Web Design Price Calculator

No Hassle Hosting

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With the help of our partners over at Quick Elements, your website will be uploaded to a server, optimized, and published for you, without you having to do anything.

ArchezX - Web Design Price Calculator

Check Out Our Web Design Price Calculator!

Web design, development, and hosting.

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Modern Design

First impressions are important, in the age of the internet, your first impression is your website, so it better look good.

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Robust Code

Robust and clean code that scales from one user to millions of users. Easy to update and easy to maintain.

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No Hassle Hosting

With no hassle hosting your website is published as soon as it's done, you don't have to worry about a thing.

Still on the edge? See for yourself.

Take a look at some of the sites we've worked on.

Piccolo Sunnyside Deli

Piccolo Sunnyside Deli

DateNovember 2017
SkillsHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Piccolo Sunnyside Deli is a small business. Their website includes a simple content management system that allows the owner to edit their daily specials or update their prices.

Server Status Dashboard

Server Status Dashboard

ClientAbbie Christoffer
DateJuly 2017
SkillsHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python

This custom server status dashboard allows our client monitor their server status from wherever they are! They are able to see how much storage space they have left, how much bandwidth their server is using, and plenty more useful statistics.

Command Center

Command Center

DateMay 2018
SkillsHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python

Command Center is a modular new tab page to show useful statistics and info.

stuart tech support

Stuart Tech Support

ClientStuart Hayes
DateJanuary 2015
SkillsHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Stuart started helping people with their computers when he was a kid, and since then this compnay has only been growing more and more. With the help of a good website he has been able to reach over 10,000 people.

forax hosting

Forax Hosting

ClientFelix Donto
DateMay 2017
SkillsHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python

Forax Hosting is a website hosting and domain name register service that allows customers to publish their websites online.

Social Media Hub

Social Media Hub

DateDecember 2016

This social media hub allows our client to have a central place to link to their social media pages.

  • Piccolo

    Piccolo Sunnyside Deli

    Local Small Business.

  • Server Status Dashboard

    Server Status Dashboard

    Server statistics monitoring.

  • command center

    Command Center

    Custom "New Tab" Page.

  • Stuart Tech Support

    Stuart Tech Support

    CT General Tech Support.

  • Forax Hosting

    Forax Hosting

    Website Hosting & Domain Name Registration.

  • Social Media Hub

    Social Media Hub

    Central place that links social media pages.

Code Sample

Take a look at some of the code for yourself!

About Us

I find myself thinking in code about normal everyday things. If-Else statements determine how interactions go down, for-loops preview how tasks get done before they even start. ArchezX is a small startup founded in 2013. Since then I've made over 25 websites and done many more consulting jobs. When it comes to web development there is no better choice for the job.


  • Graphic Design - 4 Years

  • HTML & CSS - 8 Years

  • JavaScript - 7 Years

  • PHP - 5 Years

Open Source

Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance. Check out the quality of ArchezX code directly by taking a look at some open source projects on github.


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Websites can vary greatly in price. We've made a simple web design price calculator for you to get a rough idea of how much your site will cost. Remember that this is just an estimate. Contact us below for a free quote.

Estimated Price For the Website
$1125 - $1875

What Clients Say

Take a look at what some of our previous clients have to say about us and our work.

"ArchezX has done a fantastic job overall. Not only the site is to design, the code is very clean and slick. Love the way they achieved the translations portion of the site."

godot Juan Linietsky

"We have the fortune of working with ArchezX on a very regular basis. Every single project is done in a timely fashion and is delivered exactly as is outlined. Beyond that, their development skills and expertise make them an invaluable part of our process. We absolutely offer our highest possible recommendation."

ae freemart Michele Yamazaki

“Industry professionals and clients to often underestimate how essential it is to a project to hire a top-notch front-end developer. ArchezX is the best there is and I can't wait to work with them again."

mesecons Mesecons Developers


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